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About Eliza's

We represent the modern day Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady.  If you’re looking for a wardrobe makeover, a new outfit for work, play, an upcoming formal occasion, gifts or you’re simply in search of that one unique item that will make your outfit perfect, Eliza’s has something that will give each woman her own beautiful unique style.  It is our goal to make your shopping experience fun and affordable while giving you the Boutique experience without the Boutique prices. We are passionate about helping you be your own beautiful “Eliza” and look forward to seeing old friends and making new friends every day!

About The Owner

I grew up in a town outside of Memphis Tennessee.  I learned to love shopping and fashion from my dad who happens to be one of the sharpest dressed men I know. The women in my family have also influenced my love for fashion.  My daughter can throw together an outfit, wear no makeup and hair in a messy bun and look absolutely beautiful.  My sister-in-law who can look at you and instantly have a vision for the perfect dress.  My niece who is always on top of the current fashion trends while embracing her own unique style....she can be seen on that popular reality show Real Housewives of Dallas.  My BFF who understands the importance of pearls and the perfect purse and can always find the deals.  She isn't afraid to say "Oh honey...what is this?  What's going on?  What's happening?" (in her best Karen voice from Will & Grace)...

 After attending the University of Mississippi I began working in the automotive/auto auction and finance field.  Fast forward several years, two beautiful/handsome children a fabulous husband and a move from Tennessee to Indiana.  My husband and I currently still work in the automotive field as well as own and maintain commercial property and a couple of small business’ including a bicycle shop down the street.    You’re asking what does this have to do with fashion……almost absolutely nothing except I was expected to dress in a professional manner and I also had to look at profit and loss statements from car dealers and have an understanding of how each of their small business’ worked as well as running our business’. 

Eliza’s was actually started by Suzanne and Mike Howell.  One of Suzanne’s favorite movies was My Fair Lady and Eliza Doolittle is the main character, which is where the name of our store comes from. We became fast friends and I instantly loved consignment shopping.  Sadly, Suzanne’s husband passed away and she decided to sell Eliza’s.  You guessed it…  I bought Eliza’s in 2011.  I continue to love shopping and fashion.  Our goal remains the same which is to help women find their own unique beautiful self.

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